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Crisis of human resources in software development

The demand for IT specialists is higher than the supply. This is happening in Romania and globally.

Many projects are not completed due to a lack of programmers, or because budgets are exhausted before projects are completed. Wages are rising in IT every year, whether it is a crisis or not.

It’s been over 10 years since we advised our clients to recruit from other countries, because the talent pool called Romania is exhausted.

The demand is higher than the supply anywhere in the world, but there are places where you can outperform your competitors in the talented auction with budgets that you would lose in Romania.

Developers in the former U.R.S.S. they are some of the best in the world. Culturally they are closer to us than programmers in South Asia and Southeast Asia.

Through the partnership with the Portuguese company Nosota, we offer you two solutions. Nosota recruits and tests programmers from the countries of the former U.R.S.S.

Rental of software development staff

Nosota will find you a team that meets your criteria. He will hire them and rent them to you.

You will have control over the process. You will choose and test your team.

Once you sign the contract with Nosota, you will take over the management of the team. Developers will work remotely, as many programmers in Romania already work.

If a team member leaves, or you don’t want him left, Nosota will replace him.

Turnkey projects
If the project is well defined, if you already have a complete analysis, then you can opt for the development of turnkey software projects.

We will sign a contract and deal with software development using the programmers that Nosota recruited from the same geographic area (former U.R.S.S.).

You can expect international quality and a cost about a third lower than you can get in the local market.

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