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Business Development Training

Business Development is at the intersection of marketing and sales. Salesman Pride workshops are not only training sessions, but also brainstorming sessions that result in new development directions for the company.

At the end of the workshop, your business development plans will be tested, or you will start the process of elaborating a new strategy.

The workshop is a work session, which results in tangible results.

Business Development Coaching

Most of our clients are entrepreneurs who feel that the methods that have brought them where they are do not allow them to progress further.

We do coaching sessions in which we analyze the business and the aspirations of the entrepreneur, we establish new goals, new strategies and tactics, after which the entrepreneur must put them into practice.

Step by step, we take the business and its leader on a new path of growth and success.

Business Development as a Service

Often the entrepreneur needs a new member of the team to reorganize the sales and marketing process, in close collaboration with the company’s employees, suppliers and partners.

One of us becomes part of his team for a certain period, we set performance targets and a strategy to follow.

The contract ends when the client can continue alone, with his own team.

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