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In most cases, sales performance is achieved through training. At the level of the Romanian market, however, there are very few who believe in the results offered by the training, being stopped by reluctance towards the new.

The success of such training depends on several factors.

Performance can only be achieved through sustained efforts, both by the employer and the employee. In order to dispel the myths circulating at the level of Romanian companies and firms, we strongly affirm that the efficiency of training exists, as demonstrated by countless studies as well as by the favorable results obtained by companies that undertake regular trainings among employees.

The paradox of the Romanian market is the fact that very few people are aware of the performance that can be achieved through training. But the reality is far from the unanimously shared opinion. Training is ineffective only if it is applied incorrectly. We at Salesman Pride know how to get around all these pitfalls and make sure every time the end result is a real success for the organization’s sales performance.

Salesman Pride programs are designed to achieve performance where there are problems: in the sales process, in prospecting, in analysis, in closing, etc.

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